Monday, May 24, 2010

Instead of being at work...

I am at home with a sick daughter running a fever.
This is something I didn't go through in my past teaching experience! Being a mother AND a music teacher is hard. I just had to email in some lesson plans. It would be so much easier if I could just be there in person to teach the's so much harder to try & write out all those ideas for someone who may or may not have musical abilities? Anyway, my throat has started feeling itchy too. The boys have had it, perhaps Bon is right & "it's the girls turn now"??

D just heard this morning that a teacher at an Anglican school has A.L.L. Another person is about to start their journey of horror with Leukaemia...I remember those dreadful early days. I remember the huge amount of support that flowed our way, especially in those early days when everyone is tripping over themselves to try to be of help. I found this picture this morning & it made me smile...I really do believe that prayer makes a difference to our situations, in all situations. In our case there was no instantaneous healing - which is what some people of course expect from prayer (which I still believe happens) - but there were so many little positive helpful blessings along the way for us...& I don't mean that in a corny unrealistic kind of way. Prayer changes the pray-er too. Even in a physical way, scientists have noticed that people who meditate & pray have less stressed cells in their body. It's a reality!

So much to pray for today:
* Eric catching the bus home ALL BY HIMSELF for the first time
* staff that are unwell at school post-surgery
* my classes without me, that they won't be feral for the casual teacher
* D who went to work after not much sleep & is Acting Principal
* Nan & Pops' Anniversary

I like the thought that God is big enough to oversee the whole world yet interested in the small details of our lives too...

I'm off to cut up oranges, fluff pillows, pour drinks, read books & give cuddles inside the house of "unwellness"

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