Saturday, April 30, 2011

Royal Wedding 2011

We enjoyed watching last night :-)

I really wish them all the very best...they have so much pressure on them. It was certainly a beautiful this "excerpt" from it...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I heard this song this afternoon written by a lady who watched her husband battle cancer (brain) & this song was written on that journey...Someone from the MISS site posted it. Music can be very powerful...

Not long to go...

...everyone seems to be in such a frenzy. This poor couple have so much pressure on them.

There's nothing like a wedding, but it's the days, months, years ahead that are more important. Hair goes grey, bodies grow old but LOVE is so important...'faith, hope, love but the greatest of these is love'...

D & kids back to school today. Peace & rest for Mum today ;-)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

My favourite Easter song...He is Risen!!

(I was so sad that I couldn't get to church this morning...but Bonnie & I prayed together & whether or not I am there isn't important...I read through the passages again this weekend that speak about Jesus & it seemed so amazing & so fresh for totally incredible that we struggle to realise how incredible it is...& what hit me this year was the fact that the Bible speaks of the WOMEN who arrived at the tomb & the first people who realised something had happened! Woman who were considered unimportant & so weak in those day were acknowledged & the fact that their testimony is written about is pretty amazing really! I just read this:
  • An ancient resurrection story would not be fabricated on the basis of women's testimonies, who could not testify in court.
  • Jesus' opponents admitted by their actions that the tomb was empty.
  • No one had a reasonable motive to take the body.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Been looking through some Stormie Omartian books this weekend. She writes a lot about prayer & I really believe that prayer does make a difference...or rather God can make a difference in our lives if we let Him...if we ask Him!
  She went through such a horrific childhood - being locked in a cupboard by a mentally unwell mother & abused, & because she has come through all of that her words are even more believable/powerful...she is a bit of a hero of mine actually. It's so great to have strong women to "look up to", a bit further along their life journey. Anyway, on a weekend where I am full of the flu & achy it's been so encouraging to read some of her thoughts about prayer.
(I love this picture of her too!)

Friday, April 15, 2011

So 'busy'...

Japan's Crisis Could Leave Emotional Scars

Read this today. There must be so many needs, so much to do over there...still blown away by what's happened & reading about the many needs there...

Much to do here too. My boss is back - trying to make lists of things to do for school. I've spent the some of the morning working on the Music WIKI pages for my clases to add some videos. We are off to Pilates this morning soon. Then hoping to catch up with Nan & Pop this weekend + Megan & Stephen! Busy weekend...busy week ahead. These holidays are going too fast & if I don't make lists my brain gets frazzled. I'm loving the sleep ins. Need to get rid of this flu...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

* Last Day of Term *

How EXCITED am I??

I worked back for an hour or so - with the kids - & cleaned up the room, dusted, packed, sorted, put up new posters, folded etc. Finally got some Christmas posters removed & feel that I can face another term...after a break.

Thank you God for getting me through Term 1 with some super hard children. I survived yesterday & am really looking forward to a holiday now!! HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!