Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Breathe...Friday is nearly here...

I've been marking exams for the last two days. By this afternoon I HAD to go out to buy chocolate (ie: "the teacher's lifesaver when hitting a marking slump") I have two late paper's tomorrow THEN I AM DONE...until next week.

The Drama Queen has been fairly patient with me...but she herself has exams so I have been trying to help her study & not snap at her when she asks me to spell something for the 50th time & I lose my train of thought...I just realised she had swimming this afternoon at school & I didn't even ask her how it went. *Forehead slap* - bad mother, bad mother...

Superboy is on edge too because he's so tired. I haven't been getting them into bed as early as I should. Tonight they had cheese on toast because it was nearly time for bed & I realised that pasta AGAIN probably would have caused much complaint! This afternoon he severely reprimanded me because I had taken all his toy puppies.
Me: Yes, I thought I would put them into the wash because they needed a bath
SB: Mum, you should have TOLD me you were going to do that!!!
Me: Well you were at school!
SB: Well, you should have told me BEFORE school!

Sing along with that song "I'm walkin' on sunshine, woh" but change the words to "I'm walkin' on eggshells" & you'll have this house.

D recovering. They are exploring GVH in his lungs now. Lots more medicine back onto our draw in the bedroom again...but as I said to a friend this afternoon - we have a house, we have each other, D is still here. We might be in debt & still be paying off Christmas laybuys, & we might just have chicken sandwiches for Christmas lunch but there is lots of love here!

I've washed up, nearly finished packing's after 11pm. I might crawl into bed....zzzzzzzzzzzz

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