Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Zealand hit by earthquake...

Just found this on a website asking for prayer...I've been watching the news this morning in tears...

"Here is a list of prayer requests:
1.      People are still trapped in buildings.  Pray for the comfort and safety of those who are trapped.  Pray also that the rescue teams will be able to get them out.  Some people are having to have limbs amputated in order to be rescued.
2.      Pray for those who are searching for loved ones and do not know whether they are dead or alive.
3.      Pray for those who are grieving the loss of family members.  At least 65 people's bodies have been recovered but that number is expected to rise.
4.      Christchurch people have been living with aftershocks for the past 6 months.  They are exhausted, frightened and wonder if life will ever become normal again.
5.      Pray that God will help the church to offer love, peace, comfort and assistance to those who are hurting and frightened.
6.      Many New Zealanders have no religion at all.  Pray that through this time of tragedy many will cry out to God and find his strength and salvation."

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