Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

My favourite Easter song...He is Risen!!

(I was so sad that I couldn't get to church this morning...but Bonnie & I prayed together & whether or not I am there isn't important...I read through the passages again this weekend that speak about Jesus & it seemed so amazing & so fresh for totally incredible that we struggle to realise how incredible it is...& what hit me this year was the fact that the Bible speaks of the WOMEN who arrived at the tomb & the first people who realised something had happened! Woman who were considered unimportant & so weak in those day were acknowledged & the fact that their testimony is written about is pretty amazing really! I just read this:
  • An ancient resurrection story would not be fabricated on the basis of women's testimonies, who could not testify in court.
  • Jesus' opponents admitted by their actions that the tomb was empty.
  • No one had a reasonable motive to take the body.

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