Friday, February 24, 2012

Reflecting on the passing of time...

Another birthday is nearly here.

Another year passes.

Another month is nearly over.

Two days until my Uni course starts...I am biting my nails a bit. I volunteered again today in the school Library as a parent helper. Didn't feel quite as hopeless as the previous week. Managed to help kids borrow, found some more Premiers' Reading Challenge books that hadn't been been marked properly, got a hug from Noggin & a hug from Drama Queen. I remembered things a bit better.

Perhaps my brain isn't totally MUSHY?

Here's hoping & praying that I can study again & won't fail the first subject...

A few Librarians have encouraged me to change might work out a bit cheaper to do a Masters! Who'd have thought? I wonder if Dad would be proud - or would he call me the perpetual student? I guess we are all life long learners!

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