Friday, May 23, 2008

Biggest Morning Tea

Well, I spoke at James & Michelle's "Biggest Morning Tea" & survived without bawling my eyes out or passing out with nerves. Who'd have thought that less than a year after D's BMT I'd be encouraging others with ideas to help their own battles with cancer - or show how to encourage others!!?? Phew. Today David is +315. I never thought this far ahead...

Roll on the weekend, I'm exhausted. 

I took Eric to visit Preschool today because there was a "visiting farm" & while I was waiting I had to return a late book to the Library. (Shock horror - I HATE being late with a book!!) Anyway, the book I suggested they buy was in - already. Amanda Soule's The Creative Family had arrived. Talk about making my day!!!!!! Can wait to get my teeth into it over the weekend. 

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