Thursday, January 1, 2009


I am sitting at my in-laws computer. 
Finally got to visit a few fave blogs tonight...
After nearly 2 weeks up here we are looking forward to clicking our ruby slipppers together tomorrow & heading home. 
For the last three days Eric has been saying "I want to go home Mummy"...
Me too. 
I have been pampered & spoilt up here, but I want my own space now.
I want my own bed, my own things, my own kitchen, a bigger range of clothes (we stayed much longer than expected) but it's been fun...
...& I hope to learn to put some photos from MY NEW CAMERA on here when I get home & unpack the gazillion things we seem to have picked up while visiting. 
Before we left David's words were: "We can't bring home more than we take up!"
Yeah right...

Oh, Happy New Year!

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