Friday, January 16, 2009


Sitting here munching on popcorn...a hundred thoughts buzzing through my head. Reading #5 of the Harry Potter collection...I've bought Eric his joggers for Prep (mostly white, velco with Spiderman written on them) because it's all about Spiderman really. And other male role models - like Dad!! Boys are so fascinating you know...

At Target this morning everything I wanted in Bonnie's size - funky shoes, swimmers, etc - seemed to have disappeared at the start of a sale yesterday. I told myself it didn't matter if I didn't get to the start of the sale but I was WRONG. Let that be a lesson to all women - GET TO THOSE SALES OR YOU MISS OUT!

I'm sitting in funky indy long purple pants that a good friend gave me. I feel pretty HIP...I love purple. 

I was just about to write a huge outpouring of frustration here, but realised this is a public site that anyone can access, so I don't think I will... but I am proud of David & he's passed an "evaluation" with flying colours - as of course we have been telling the people that requested the evaluation. How's THAT for cryptic? He's such a lovely man. So gracious in the face of such deception...

But enough of THAT...

It's been HOT HOT HOT here in Sydney. Weather to make you melt! Our air-con has been helping us survive. David has become Mr Snot though & kept me up half the night blowing his nose & getting up & down. Worse than a newborn...LOL!!!!!!!! Hence the pretty lazy day. I told the kids they could wake me early so we could get to the sale...mistake after a no-sleep night. Bright & early those perky ones met me. I had enough brain activity to somehow make my mouth move to say "No sleep, I'll be up soon, go out please". Wow!! Why can't we get a wage for parenting like that hey? Or parenting marks on actually forcing the mouth to have a conversation with kids on no sleep, then dragging the body out of bed - while still pretty much asleep - to throw kids breakfast into kids bowls while making coffee??? 

I am typing to avoid cleaning up the clutter around my computer which is breeding...paper paper paper!

But, I am feeling pretty organised about starting the school year in 2 weeks. I've helped the kids sort through their pencils & textas & paper & books & got all their requirement & labels & contact etc. I've organised their homework area & Eric & I are now sharing this computer (ahem!) to save space. We've been through the kids rooms & tossed out heaps of clutter that was breeding in their rooms too. So feeling stoked...feeling lighter somehow. 

Anyway, off to read some more Potter & grab some caffine - which they said will help me from getting alzheimers on the news last night. Don't know about that, but I certainly enjoy a nice cup...


Kerrie said...

Hi Lis...

Glad you have had/are having a lovely gentle time. So pleased to hear the great evaluation results...not that they were ever in question as far as I am concerned. I'm in awe of the grace and dignity with which you and David have conducted yourselves. I'm not sure I could do it as graciously as you have had if it were me in the same boat.

Stay cool...I have been watching and listening to the ABC News and hoping that the fires are under control shortly. It's been warm here, around 30-32 but with the humidity it feels warmer. I'm not missing those low 40's hot north wind days though, not a bit. We have been living in swimmers and sarongs, jumping in for a swim whenever we are too hot. We often swim late at night, going to bed wet & cool...makes sleeping so much easier.

Enjoy HP...Matilda is re-reading the entire series these holidays, think she is up to The Prisoner Of Azkaban...she's reading them with 4-5 years more life experience and finding them quite different.

Okay, waffling about me now. Will email you soon, have some bits of news to fill you in on.

Any Christmas photos of B&E..??

Love you lots Sweetheart...xoxo

Tracy, mom2many said...

Hey you!!

Oh yeah, Spiderman is soooooo cool. And I have to say, swinging through the house on webs would be very handy.

I'm thinking of your Max and Lucy today, which would be yesterday to you I guess. But they live in my heart.