Friday, May 29, 2009


We've had Kindy testing, D's been away on a work conference, Eric's gotten into my make-up at 5:30AM & coated his lips in brown lipstick, I spoke at a Cancer Council morning tea, Bonnie gave herself a cracking big egg a few days before school photos (rolling eyes), & TODAY I put a deposit down on a little second hand HONDA JAZZ (not the exact one in this pic, but it looks like this). I feel very grown up trading in an old car & getting a "newer" one. Just in the nic of time - the petrol I was pouring into the other tank was going to send me broke!!!!! 

Now I'm exhausted...ready to flop into bed...zzzzzzz.

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Tracy, mom2many said...

That is a crazy week. You did some public speaking? How'd it go? I HATE public speaking, which is something God and I argue about at least once a year. He wants me to, I'd rather be drug behind a truck.

I can't believe Eric's ready for kindy....

Cool "new" car!