Tuesday, September 14, 2010


My Year 6 class of "noisies" did really well at the concert last Friday night...

So much hard work, amazing effort from most (except the kids who just didn't show up on the night...urk!) & teachers that 'know' them are amazed that the kids were able to perform something like that. Makes me glad I made the effort - I am not in a straight jacket surprisingly - & concerts & events like that are such a great experience for the kids. That's why teachers do it.

Bon has just finished reading The Secret Garden all by herself & is just phoning Nan & Pop (who gave it to her) to let them know she read it in about 3 days. Amazing when they learn to read & can go on an ADVENTURE with a book. I think this is the first great book that she's read without me...growing up so fast. I remember doing that with The Famous Five when I was her age. I think I stayed up with a torch because it was so exciting!! Now my daughter is doing similar things...wow. The circle of life?

Went to my lovely ladies Bible Study group today too. A safe place to learn & discuss & pray. Love it.

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