Monday, January 9, 2012

Cleaning frenzy!

D is home, he is meant to be working on an assignment, but instead has been pottering around the house & seeing things that need doing - fixing - rearranging - cleaning - making - throwing out - wiping - installing -'s at about this point in the holidays that I start getting worried because he's moving things around that I quite like where they are...because I'm sitting down reading I start to feel guilty because he's working & I'm resting...then I realise that it's good for him to be busy...lucky for me that assignment is due soon so he's trying to finish it tonight. ;-)

There's still more to do. Still trying to sort out my enrolment at Uni (which I have been trying to finalise since November last year)...the original fax didn't work properly, then the email didn't go through properly, then I sent one documents at a time via email, then I posted the documents which apparently were scanned at the PO in Melbourne but didn't reach the person/venue they were mailed to...TOMORROW I am getting all the documents resigned, & I'm off to the local PO to get them posted off CERTIFIED MAIL. I tell you, if I wasn't determined I would have just thrown my hands in the air & said "It's just not meant to be!!!" But I AM determined...

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