Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Eric's 1st Day at Prep...

Eric: "Mum, do you HAVE to walk in with me?"

Me: "Er, yes, I need to sign the book!"

Eric: "Oh...all right then. I guess you can come in."


So much for the tearful leg cling. Mr Independent is such a big boy now...

Facts I learn about Eric when I'm not with him #104
- he loves to dance & is very free & uninhibited when moving!
(His teachers didn't seem surprised because both his parents have been music teachers...however I found this very interesting. I think it's more the fact he's ALL BOY & needs to burn off energy during the day...LOL!) 

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Kerrie said...

I love that he feels uninhibited when dancing...I hope it lasts for a long time. Sadly though many boys are derided for loving dancing.

Did you take photos of wee Prince Eric...?? Can't believe he is old enough to start school, I remember waiting for him to be born...suddenly there he was, healthy and gorgeous.

Give him a smooch for me Lis...xo