Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A new Blog?

My husband has been reading up on all things computer - for work - & quickly put together Stonestreet World. Go for a quick peek here & see my son dancing on his first day of Prep & some pics of Miss Bon. I'm keeping my Blog here I think...but it's cute to see what D is coming up with.

On a more frustrating note, I am doing battle with a mouse in my house. It must be mighty mouse because it's managing to eat the food in the traps without being snapped up...AHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I mean, I'm all for being humane but this little creature is driving me insane...tips anyone??

Still reeling after last nights dance elimination on SYTYCD...sigh. 

Off for a job interview tomorrow - lets hope I can get there this time...


Tracy, mom2many said...

Oh my.. that of Eric was so cute!! Brings back my years of teaching that age, except I never had a cool accent.

Kerrie said...

Very cute clip of Eric dancing...he is really attentive, stopped as soon as he heard "Freeze".

Great new family site Lis...you just need some pics of a Queensland trip to add to it...!!!

Have you tried peanut butter on the mouse trap..?? They love it and have to lick it off rather than steal a chunk of something left out. I also tried tying a piece of bacon rind on in desperation once and it worked well too.

Almost birthday time for you..!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck at your interview, Lis!