Friday, July 17, 2009

Almost Perfect

Just read an awesome book by a lady called Kelly Denley who decided after having 8 kids, that she wanted to head back to school to do her HSC. After getting through that with 97.3 her family seemed to be struggling at school with so many issues that she & her husband decided they would throw everything into their cars & travel around Australia to improve relationships within their family & create some memories for their children. As someone who has just had to cancel their holidays with a camper trailer it was a little sad/bittersweet to read it these holidays, but also inspiring & made me laugh & cry. There is nothing better than a  great biography to read. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BOOK!!
Now, back to blowing my nose again...

P.S. Been so caught up with my own miserable cold that I just realised Miss Bon looked very flushed. She's been in with Dad in the studio & has been complaining about how COLD it is today. She's got a huge polar fleece dressing gown on. Just took her temp - the poor darling is running a fever of 39.4. No wonder she looks so dreadful, she's shivering with a fever. She's just curled up on the lounge now with a DVD of the Muppets to sooth her. Last night she didn't sleep until 1am. When I got up for a toilet break I heard sobbing & she said "I can't get to sleep, my leg aches". She fell down the ladder to her bed the other night so I just thought that perhaps she's broken something in her foot or it's bruised after that? I got out the heavy duty pain medicine for her & a chocolate to help it go down & she was so desperate to sleep she knocked it all down - very unlike her to take medicine without kicking up a huge fuss. Maybe it was all her joints aching with this cold she's got. (Dad took her in to his work yesterday & she was out in blisteringly cold winds on some play equipment - rolling my eyes! I'm sure that contributed!!) Off for another cuppa now & to keep an eye on her. Hot Chocolate & Kermit. What could be better when you're unwell!?

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