Friday, July 24, 2009

Warrior Mothers

Reading this amazing book at the moment...autism in children & how diet can be a huge help to those children who have it...amid other things.  It's written in such an interesting way that I can't put it down! The kids are watching episodes of Thomas the Tank Engine, the house is a total mess & it's lunch but I'm trying to read more...
That fierce love & determination to help our children makes my chest puff out with admiration for all the parents in the book who are pulling out all stops to help their children. (I read about it on someone elses Blog somewhere.) I do agree that the amount of toxic chemicals in our society are really affecting children & the number of children with illnesses & allergies continue to increase. You can't tell me it isn't. As a teacher I see it! Like Jenny McCarthy I wonder what the future holds for our children unless we do something about it?
Better go wash the dishes...darn it!

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