Friday, August 21, 2009

Hippity Hooray it's...

FRIDAY. How I love Fridays!!
There will be no cooking for Mum, uniforms in the wash & ironed & put away for the weekend. Friday night SYTYCD & Footy, baths & snuggly jammies.
My bones are starting to thaw out at Spring quickly approaches! HOORAY!
And wonderful news: D's check up at the hospital yesterday went really really well. His bone marrow is making some good stuff. Despite the ongoing issues - which seem extremely frustrating for us - for the Drs, he is never "as bad" as some others & they want to keep him off drugs (immune suppressants & steroids) as much as possible. I never expect a negative report, but my throat felt very tight - a physical reaction to the fact that he was back there being tested perhaps. Though in my mind I didn't think I was worried, my physical body was. 
And D was able to bump into our lovely friend Geraldine who has just had sweet baby Matilda, & now has to prepare for her own BMT! I want to pray for her & her family so much...when I feel like complaining about life I don't have to look far before I feel ashamed of my lack of appreciation for the thousands of blessings around me!

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