Sunday, October 4, 2009


Hip Hip Hooray for the school holidays...

* footy final tonight...BOO HOO, Parra didn't win
* found out we can chop down the huge gum tree right in front of the house that is pushing up the concrete & dropping branches all over our roof - kinda sad, but dangerous in strong wind
* daylight saving & my body is screaming with confusion
* spoke to one of my sisters today about parenting & how it changes as the kids get older
* put away about 4 baskets of washed clothes - the treadmill of laundry
* read the weekend paper
* played lego & tickles with my son
* watched my artistic daughter make a collage
* cooked a baked dinner with chicken
* ate garbage
* drank lots of lovely coffee
* watched a colony of ants try to move their eggs into our music studio & then left poison all around their entry point
* read sections of a book by Christopher Reeve about life after the shock of an illness/accident. Inspiring...
* prayed
* remembered to take some vitamins
* looked at the mess around the house & sighed
* reminded D to phone his mum on her birthday
* tonight we listened to lots of music by a guy called Chris Rice, & some ambient stuff this morning - Kitaro etc.
* thought about how different our life would be if all our children had lived...

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