Friday, December 9, 2011

End of year staff luncheon

How lovely to celebrate the end of the year with all the staff today!

A farewell to some, hugs & relief for others, and a slap on the back for all teachers who have made it through the year AND SURVIVED!

All staff were fed & watered & given a small gift - a paper weight. Great for knocking ourselves out when life gets tough...or holding down the thousands of papers we should mark on a windy day...

It really is a lovely school with such encouraging staff to work with.

I am still trying to get confirmation from OUA to find out if I have been accepted to study...I tried to resend some copies off this afternoon & it still won't accept my scanned copies. They haven't confirmed that they got my faxed papers!? this time of year I feel like teaching is wonderful, but then I feel like it's not able to be sustained. My health just can't keep it up for too much very hard.

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