Tuesday, April 15, 2008

9 months since David's BMT

I forgot to post something on the 13th April...D sent me an SMS from the Quest Center. "9 MONTHS". It's been 9 months since his bone marrow tranplant. The same amount of time that a child can be grown. And he has 'regrown' his bone marrow with the help of so many Drs, nurses, his brother Peter, & so many many people who have loved & prayed for him for the months & months leading up to & after the transplant. 9 months seems like only a few days, yet it feels like such a very long time also. 

I wish the graft-versus-host would stop in his mouth. I wish his strength would return...but I guess I don't wish for the old D to return, because he has learnt so many hard things that have made/will make him a stronger person. The depth of his suffering at times has been so hard to watch, yet his new vision to "live well" for as long as possible is inspiring...

There are no words to describe what we have been through. At times we felt like we had been rubbed raw, living each day walking on eggshells & wanting to scream...yet here we are. Hope is so very important...there is always hope. Faith, hope & love are so important. That is what I wrote on the prayer flag that was hung up at Quest. 

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