Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Well, after my initial posting frenzy I haven't been back here...but once people know I have a blog I guess I should put news here?  So much to do, so little time...

D back from Quest for Life at Bundanoon. Had another great weekend of good organic food, helpful information about life after cancer & meeting other people who are all on their own journey. The kids & I stayed home & had a great weekend. It's freezing here in Sydney at the moment (the dryer is on overdrive as the sun is hiding) so the kids are fighting off the snuffles. Not fun to be fluey in the holidays. However we made some "puff paint" yesterday. The kids painted while I got tea ready & it turned out really well. 

Well, today we are going to rug up & head off to the local shops. The kids have been saving & are going to buy some Mr Men/Little Miss books from the local bookshop. We have been talking about it for over a month now, so it should be fun. 

We're making a list of things we want to do these holidays but I wish the sun would come back. I don't know if I could live somewhere that was rainy all the time. Summer was pretty mellow & now it seems to be heading into winter...come back Mr Sun. 

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