Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sun peeped out today...HOORAY!!!!!!!

The sun appeared today for longer than 10 minutes - & isn't it exciting. How do people live in cold European countries? It was so thrilling for us...well, especially for ME! The kids went on the trampoline for a while (hooray hooray), I hung out about 3 loads of washing to get some wonderful germ-killing sun on them,  & the breeze just seemed to blow away all those gloomy "cobwebs" in my mind. How I love the sun. I can wait until all the colds & snot goes away...just in time for Term 2 I guess.

D & I watched an episode of Enough Rope last night which was revisiting an older episode. There were some very poignant moments for me & D  as we heard about another couples' journey with cancer & what they thought/experienced. See the transcript with Glenn & Jane McGrath. We just happened across it by "chance" & it led to a good discussion afterwards.

We went to the Library yesterday & borrowed some great books....how I love to read. In fact that is what I am going to do now with some caffine :-) Hooray for light & a little warmth & the ability to be able to catch up on some chores...

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