Monday, December 15, 2008

Bonnie & Eric

Well. Here are the promised photos. 

This is Bonnie getting her merit award from Daddy (when he was the Principal). The last merit award she will ever get with Daddy in that role at school. I think it's for neatness or something very "girly" like that. She has inherited some of my artistic genes I think? She loves her work neat & organised. I don't think Eric will be like that at all. If only her BEDROOM was a little more neat & organised??

This is Eric the night after the crash into the step splitting near his eyebrow. We are currently trying to rub lots of Vitamin E cream into it to try to help the scar. Perhaps when he's older it will be a "sexy scar" that he can show his wife. ("Oh yeah, I did that when I was 4 1/2 tripping into a step in my Prep uniform.") Hopefully there won't be too many scars...but life is full of the sort of things that gives us scars - not just on our skin either!  

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