Friday, July 11, 2008


I tried to load a picture of a London lounge room that made me happy, but this computer is SUPER SLOW today. When we use the internet too much & go over our limit everything turns so slow...Bonnie has been on here doing maths/english work via the internet so perhaps that used up some power too?

It is so cold here today. I'm about to get dressed to take them out to the shops. A local $2 shop is closing down so everything is on sale. Maybe I can pick up some art things to entertain them through the hols? Plus return DVDs. Plus return Library books...

Poor D has a hacking cough. Kept me up for ages last night...zzzzzzzzz. He saw the Dr yesterday & apparently I have to pound on his chest/back to get that mucus up...I guess I can take out my frustrations on him??

Fabulous Friday. Tonight is Silent Witness & Spooks...tomorrow the Sat paper will arrive, full of news & books reviews etc. Bliss. But today it's so cold I don't even want to go & get the washing off the line. Psyching myself up for the day...I'd rather be in bed with sleepy head husband. How come I have to get up with the kids when I've been up all night too??? Hmmmm??? It's hard being a mummy sometimes...

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