Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Chanting Boy

My son sat doing a very very hard puzzle this afternoon. I thought there was NO WAY he was going to complete it. Anyway, all of a sudden a little chant started up: "Don't give up Don't give up Keep trying Keep trying..." (I think it went something like that?) I realised that it was a song from a new show that he's been watching on ABC Kids. What a classic!! It's not the sort of show that would normally appeal to me so I normally wouldn't let him watch it...but it's quite quirky and...well...thumbs up from me that he remembered that song & was able to apply it to something hard that he was working on!

Now we're all frustrated because there were two pieces missing & there will be no rest until they are found!!

1 comment:

Tracy, mom2many said...

oooooo hate when we can't find all the pieces!!!!

I can't stand YO GABBA GABBA, all the people look like chew toys. But I will let them watch it if I can't hear it LOL>