Saturday, August 23, 2008

Family Snap!

At the start of this year Eric's Preschool asked for a family photo to put on their "family wall"...this was the last snap of about 20 & this was the one that we decided was the best. There are lots of us wincing at the sun. How did we cope before digital cameras?  It was taken out the front of our house. It's always surreal in winter seeing us wearing summer things...I had to put it on the Blog of course!!! (It's also strange seeing Bonnie with her two front teeth still there...)


Kerrie said...

You are all so gorgeous...beautiful family, beautiful photo.


Karin said...


Am I noticing that you have utilized my 'shot from above' technique to eliminate chin issues?? LOL!!! (not that you have any of those!!)

I love that photo. It's just gorgeous. :-)

The McAuleys said...

I love it! We're still trying to get one for Clara's preschool--no luck yet!