Wednesday, October 29, 2008


My goodness, I haven't even caught up with the last time I was tagged Kerrie...

OK. Things that make me happy? If you'd asked me a few days ago I would have burst into tears, but today I think I can jot down a few things...

* snuggles in the big queen bed with D, Bon & Ric
* snuggles in the big queen bed without Bon & Ric
* food on the table & peace in the house
* this computer & time to ramble on with my jumbled thoughts for all & sundry to find & read if they so desire!
* laughter
* health & freedom
* sketching
*good books
* good food
* good wine
* deep friendships
* prayer & meditation
* music
* the smell of fresh baking bread
* writing out important birthdays & dates in next years calendar 
* a tidy house...ahhhh, very rare but lovely
* freshly mown grass
* the children giggling
* the time before bed when I read books to the kids & ask them their thoughts on different things
* playing an old piece I've studied on the piano when no one is around....another very rare but lovely thing
* healing a rift in a friendship
* learning new things
* books with images of interesting rooms & styles
* Blogging
* my local Library
* my collage above my desk in our bedroom, with all my hopes & dreams in picture form there to remind me to keep striving & moving forward towards those things
* consolidating my jumbled thoughts in a journal from time to time - yes, with pen & quaint & OLD. Hee hee
* talking to God makes me very happy

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