Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lazy lazy day....

Well, it's a miserable cold wet day here. Lovely to be snuggled up indoors. There are things I should be doing of course - laundry, chores, cleaning, making appointments, but I just want to go back to bed with a hot cup of coffee & a good book. 

We are in the process of borrowing the series Band of Brothers from Quick Flix. Just amazing to think anyone made it out of WW2 & survived that horror? So proud of my family members who were involved...  although they tried to make the series as realistic as possible I don't think it can really convey the horror of what it must have been like?

Poor D working from home today. I think the dramas from this term have really taken a toll on him...I'm seeing him going's so hard. I wish things were different, but...can't do anything much about it all now. Might have to start looking for p/t work for next year. Big sighs of frustration...finally get Eric off to 3 days of Prep & I'm going to have to go to work!!??

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