Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Eric & I have been outside this morning - weeding, hanging up washing (so it must be going to rain) & planting a seed mix near the back door. We got all green. D is very much a "aussie natives" kind of guy so most of our garden is natives, however one little corner up the back is "mine" so it's Bonnie's fairy garden. There's an ugly bottle brush in it which I'd LOVE to get taken out. Anyway, a friend was saying the other day that she has moved & has lovely plants she has dreamt of having her whole life (she's 70) & said she's growing a lovely English cottage garden. I thought - gee, I love cottage gardens, I should plant something for me too...before I'm 70! So I've put lots of lovely mulched soil into my pots & some "worm wee" & a seed mix...if it doesn't grow then I'll buy small plants to re-pot. Anyway, that was fun to do with Eric. Unfortunately I have much to learn about gardening. We just spent 10 mins weeding's never ending. How nice Dad's garden was - HOW did he keep all those weeds out? I guess he used to weed more than I do...
Are there any books for gardeners with "Black Thumbs"??

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