Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I've just finished reading to my kids. We tried to do the "normal" bedtime routine because last night I just put the kids in bed & the next thing I knew when I'd made a cuppa & finally sat down for a break I heard a little noise & realised my son had dragged his pillow out of his room & was hiding right next to the lounge room watching my M rated DVD (Band of Brothers) from the hallway...
"Eric what are you doing up?"
"I need to be near you mummy!"
What do I say to that? Of course I had to go & read to him & snuggle. It is pure joy of course, but it always makes me smile that he is such a creature of routine...

Anyhoo, I was skipping through some of blogs I like to visit from time to time & came across this amazing post called "What does the damage?".
I'm putting it here because I found these thoughts so profound - especially since I had just read "The Good Samaritan" with the kids...the words of Jesus still ring so true today. I wonder if I would be brave enough to pull over to help someone? 

I did pick up a lady recently who was trudging, upset through the rain. 
My kids said "Why are we stopping to pick her up Mummy? Do we know her?"
"No sweeties, but if I was out there I'd hope someone would stop to help me!" [I didn't add "Preferably not some psychopathic killer intent on having me as his next victim." This is something that unfortunately always comes to mind though.]
I hope that some of these lessons help them learn more about life. I hope that they will grow into generous loving people. I'm certainly no Angelina Jolie but I can do what I can & try to keep my heart open to these opportunities? I know I am too trusting, but I try to hope for the best in people. It breaks my heart to think that this man is so wounded  because of the lack of love shown to him...yet someone must have stopped in the end? I hope so...

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