Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What's up Doc?

Just back from the gym & the shops, mind buzzing with many ideas & jumbled thoughts about things to do etc.
Thinking of Kerrie up in a QLD hospital, thinking about poor D with the flu, thinking about how great Medicare was, thinking about how disorganised I am for Christmas this year & wondering what I can do about that...that doesn't involve crawling into a hole & giving up! Thinking about Eric going to Prep Orientation tomorrow. Thinking about school & how this term has managed to suck D dry - emotionally & mentally & now physically. How everybody just thinks he's pulling back because he needs the rest, (only very partly true) yet the people around him haven't made this term easy for him at all....sigh sigh sigh.
Thinking thinking thinking...
Want to get started on my Christmas parcel for "someone" connected to the Sew Liberated site, but I don't know who that is yet...waiting waiting waiting...
Off for a cuppa & to grab my Library bag, just full of freshly borrowed books - JOY!!!!!!

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