Friday, October 8, 2010

The Case for Music Education

I am psyching up for Term 4 ... can you tell? Just home from putting up lots of new posters all around the Primary music room & about to plan some lessons...

Music really is great for kids. I think this clip might be a bit corny at times, but I have seen it make a wonderful difference!

D is out having lunch with "the executive" from work. He is pretty unwell - dragging himself there I think. Post-transplant the immune system takes time to recover from...well, anything really. I feel exhausted listening to him cough cough cough & let's admit it: there's not much FAT on the man, so there's no padding & if he loses weight it's pretty bad. His tummy muscles are getting a work out. Poor sweetheart. Next week will be very busy...I hope we can all have a quiet weekend!?

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