Thursday, October 28, 2010

The West Wing

When D was diagnosed in 2007 some people at school had a whip around & bought him the box set of West Wing episodes.

2010 & I am working my way through them again. I am into Season 2 at the moment & totally addicted.

There's not a lot of housework being done at the moment, but lots of smiles watching through this show.

Having said that, I'm just trying to keep everything ticking along smoothly here at home. Keep the kids happy & help them organise their bags each day, lunches packed the night before & things reasonably tidy to keep it a stress free zone for D. Life's hard for him at the moment as the emotional enormity of the last few years is hitting is such a surreal thing isn't it? Praying for continued recovery - big picture. Little picture day to day things can be hard too. Most people wouldn't know. So proud of him. So in love with him.

My little Superboy & Drama Queen are going well too. Drama Queen gets a merit award tomorrow. Superboy fills us with lots of joy & give lots of cuddles at the moment. Especially with his Dad! D had to go to the Dr recently & Superboy asked was the cancer back? Where did THAT come from? Perhaps it is hitting us all at the moment...

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