Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Just watched 'Motherhood'

Just watched this - not a brilliant movie, but there were many nods & smiles to be had throughout this...

Superboy had to go visit the GP for a checkup yesterday for a bad cough. After driving for nearly an hour through super slow traffic in the rain in a manual car (talk about giving my legs a workout) we had to wait for a while because we were late. Then we had to go downstairs to pathology & wait for nearly an hour there because he had to get a nasal swab to test for whooping cough "just in case". So Superboy is quarantined until Thurs if tests negative & Sunday if they're positive. Then, if he is positive we all need to get meds too...sigh. I don't think that's what he has. He is much better today & we are squirting those meds into him really diligently!

I went to bed early with a migraine yesterday so wonderful hubby - though exhausted after work & pilates - brought home pizza for tea, got the kids sorted, Drama Queen's bag packed, everyone into bed & the kitchen cleaned up. Then he had to go through his own routine of new meds & trying to get himself off to sleep, combating certain drugs that are stimulating his system?

It's those nights when you are ill & have to crawl into bed that the deep love grows when hubby takes over & you don't have to stress out that you are married to Mr Hopeless & make yourself ill trying to do it all while ill. My heart goes out to single parents - they are totally amazing creatures.

I have to get some lunch now & hang out some laundry...I do love being a mum, but it is hard work!

There were days when I cried & longed for children, not knowing if I would ever have any. My heart breaks for those who have lost children & those who cannot have them...mine have taught me so very very much about life...

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