Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday - this makes me happy today...

This picture made me smile this afternoon. What a lovely room. I love the round "poof-thingy" in the middle of the room. 

Something else making me happy is that Eric enjoying his day at Preschool - I just phoned to check on him...

Something else making me happy is my daughter. I meant to post on her birthday yesterday. I'll have to get D to send me some more photos so I can send some pics of my poor grazed, toothy-smiling, pink, wheezy 7 year old girl. 

Something else making me happy is coffee...mmm.

Something else making me happy is doing a little cross-stitch. 

AND of course the fact that it's Friday is wonderful. I love the end of the week. Tomorrow I can "sort-of" sleep in. 

And to end - on a rather revolting note - my son did a poo on the toilet for the first time this morning. (He normally uses a little potty.) That's a pretty big achievement for my little one. He couldn't reach the paper of course so I had to get up to help him but it's wonderful to have him out of nappies & getting all that stuff under his belt - so to speak. Very proud of my two. They are growing up...

Hoping to post some BD pics soon. (And finally eat the cake that will old & hard that has been in the fridge since Wednesday because D wouldn't let us eat it until he was here - he was out all day yesterday & last night I'm hoping we can eat that tonight...)

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