Saturday, June 7, 2008

Saturday morning

There's nothing better on Saturday morning than bringing the paper inside (it's delivered on the weekends), opening it up in my PJs & having a lovely hot cup of coffee while ABC FM is playing in the background. I remember sitting around the kitchen table growing up with mum & dad & reading together. I used to love the section about music &arts/books etc. Who'd have thought that years later - after they both have gone - I'd still be enjoying reading it on a Saturday morning....I wonder if my kids will follow in my footsteps?

David just made a fresh coffee for me too in my Mothers Day pressie - a little expresso maker. It's so lovely & he has his technique down pat. He puts boiling water in the bottom, puts it on the stove & then only leaves it on there for a super short time then lets it steam up off the hotplate while he heats up the milk in the all looks very complicated to me but the TASTE is just fabulous. It's much cheaper than the $3 you pay down at the local shops too. 

(I pinched this picture off the internet. I don't like black coffee - I have all the vices: sugar AND milk!)

Well, back to my chores while the kids play with D's gameboy. I  am determined to make some headway with this clutter ALL AROUND MY COMPUTER & THE KITCHEN BENCH HERE. It's such a bad "Hot Spot" for me. Plus I so need to make a list of things to do. I want to be able to put my feet up tonight & watch Bed of Roses & Jane Austen's Persuasion on ABC TV tonight. 

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Kerrie said...


I really think we should organise a "girls" weekend away sometime. My Saturday mornings are very much like yours. It would be lovely to do mid-Winter, somewhere in the mountains with loads of great food and wine and a big fireplace that didn't go out for the entire time we were there. We wouldn't even have to leave and could just stay in PJ's all weekend.

Bed of Roses is compulsory viewing on Saturday nights now and am looking forward to Persuasion too...

Karin, are you in on this..??