Sunday, June 8, 2008

My little one

A pic of Eric & Mummy feeding the ducks on our recent camping little last born...well, I think (as D was rendered infertile by the full body radiation)...I was just laying out Eric's PJs thinking how wonderful it is to be out of nappies at last...yet, he has grown so fast...he lay across my lap today & it only seems like yesterday he was so teensy in his little tiny newborn socks & he would only just stretch across me, now he hangs over both sides...
He's my cheeky little tough nugget of a boy - yet so soft. He can burst into tears at the drop of a hat. I love love love my daughter so very much, yet my boy is so fascinating...
Off to put them both to bed. 
(They are watching the footy with D & Eric just said "Oh I go for the purple" & was told "That team is Brisbane!" Bonnie goes for "white" = St George. LOL. It's so wonderful that they can sit there with Dad & enjoy a cold night snuggled up together. They didn't get to do it much last year...)

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