Thursday, June 12, 2008


I am chuckling at the Saturday morning post....
Did I clean up the junk around my computer? No.
Did I clean up the bench area? No.
Have I sorted through the medical papers piling up? No.
Have I done the ironing that has been sitting in the corner of the lounge room for over a week? No.
Did I watch those shows I wanted to on TV? Yes. 
Do I do hundreds of other chores like laundry (un-ironed of course), washing dishes, cooking meals, vacuuming etc? Yes. 
Big sigh....
I confess. There just don't seem to be enough hours in the day. How did I work full time & get all this done? (I guess I didn't have children then. But I'd rather be where I am now...)

Speaking of children, Bonnie has been given yet ANOTHER day off school because she grazed all down one side of her face yesterday in a spectacular fall/trip running to art - he favourite lesson of the week. She face planted some rocks (I can't quite work out the mechanics of the fall or exactly where it was) needless to say she is a bit sore & sorry for herself. She had to be carried to the office & has some more wounds & bruises to add to her collection now. I don't have a photo, but picture a little one missing her two front teeth, with scabs all around her eye & down one side of her face (& body really) but a little 'poor me' smile on her face...I must admit that after last year I thought it might be something more dramatic - like a broken leg or arm. I was sort of relieved that it was a bad graze...however here am I complaining about a nick on my pinky when her whole face must be sore. The fact that she was asking for pain medicine & drank it without a complaint or fuss means that it must have really hurt. But hey, she got an ice-cream on the way home & got picked up early from school. 

An amazing friend just joined the world of blogging. You can read her thoughts here & here...

I'd better go & keep my two kids from destroying the lounge room while Dad sleeps can he do that when they are both up & why am I not sleeping in?

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Tracy, mom2many said...

Hey ((((friend))))

I'm sorry lovely Bonnie got another hurt. She sounds tough though. My husband can sleep while they destroy too, but the up side is I never have to worry about keeping them quiet (Praise God).