Monday, September 1, 2008

Mum + one gawky teenager

Oh those painful teenage years. I'm reading a wonderful book at the moment about raising daughters. So much of it makes sense & I wish I'd known some of those things at the time. This is a rare photo of mum & I relaxing outside. Can't remember any background to this photo - I can't remember the day, or what we were doing, or what year it was taken...but it's lovely to look back on photos like these. 

I'm off to get a Monday morning cuppa as my body reacts to the strong osteo drugs I take on Sunday. 


HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SPRING. The sun is actually out & it's the start of the week. It was so cold over the weekend, we all snuggled up in bed - all four of us. Bring on the sun!!!!!!!!!!

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