Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hippity Hooray for Holidays...

I've had a very short temper with the poor kids (PMT), but am so thrilled that we don't have to do the 7:40am rush to the bus or the iron iron iron of the uniforms etc for 2 whole weeks. We are going have some lovely family time hanging out...gardening, eating, cooking. The kids put on a weird sort of play for us yesterday...not sure what it was about...but all good fun. 

Hip Hip Hooray...

The photo below is of my lovely Mummy at the house I  remember growing up in! Before this we lived in a unit that I can't remember as a baby. I know Mum was terrified I would climb over the balcony & fall to the ground so we I understand her fear! When I was in about Yr 8 we moved to another house, but this is the one I remember...I have the matching photo - one with me as a toddler running around her -  in a collage above my desk. (A collage that I made at the Quest for Life conference, full of things that inspire me, "fluff me up", things I want to achieve, things that are important, things that I love)...I'd love to give Mum just one more hug. Life is so very precious. To lose those we love so very hard...Mum would have just turned 78 if she were still alive. Oh Mum, you'd love your grandkids, they so remind me of you & Dad sometimes. Eric seems to have quirks of Dad's & Bonnie is a shy little artist - just like you thought I was Mum!! 

Anyway, I'm hoping to make some memories these holidays that my kids might Blog about one day?

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