Thursday, August 5, 2010

Little Dorrit

 After watching Miss Bon at a Gala Day playing Newcomeball in the FREEZING WIND this afternoon, I am off to bed with a steaming hot cup of coffee &  new book which arrived from The Book Depository - have you seen it? It's a shop in the UK & they send cheap books all over the world - for FREE. How do they manage this? I don't know, but I bought Charles Dickens book Little Dorrit for under $12. The BBC show was fabulous, but the detail in the book opens up a world of detail & images - all 1071 pages of it :-) I've only read ONE chapter...but with a golf ball in my throat every time I try to swallow (no doubt not helped by the cold winds at the playing fields) I think I shall be reading this a lot over the next few days as I sip warm drinks & shiver in bed...

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